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We aim to become your go to place for everything bug bounties. Learn how to test for security vulnerabilities on web applications with our various real-life web applications and gain the confidence to begin applying your newly found knowledge on bug bounty programs. Browse and digest security researcher tutorials, guides, writeups and let us help you on your journey.

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Web application hacking

New or experienced, test your skills against custom made web application challenges based on real bug bounty findings! Learn about new techniques and bypasses whilst embracing the mindset of a hacker. With a variety of challenges designed to teach you a broad amount of web application bugs there is something for everyone.

Can you discover how to bypass "super secure" XSS filters? Learn how developers make mistakes and how vulnerabilities end up in live code. The stage is yours, take it.

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There's cross site request forgery (CSRF) protection, but how good is it?

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This strict URL filter should prevent XSS, right?

For newcomers

Can you find any XSS on this "harmless" page?

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Can you access our private tool, XSS Destroyer?

Gain confidence testing web applications with BARKER

Take your learning to the next level and put your knowledge & skills around web vulnerabilities to the test and apply them on our fully working web application dubbed BARKER. Gain confidence when hacking as you go through the application & begin to understand how the webapp works, rather than being told, "there's xss here, can you find the bypass?".

BARKER contains over 100 real-life vulnerabilities, real bugs from real life scenarios, all you have to do is understand the features & test for vulnerabilities! True hacker style. Signup, login and begin interacting with the various features and start testing for vulnerabilities instantly.

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Jump into our treasure trove of security related content and begin your journey into the world of bug bounties! Learn about the various types of security vulnerabilities, explore disclosed vulnerabilities & read guides to help you with bug bounties.

New to bug bounties and need a helping hand on how to get started? Or perhaps you're interested in learning about various tools used by top bug hunters? Look no further, we've got it all covered for you here.

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